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What is "Revert Site" and what does it do?

Revert Site is a safe, lightweight and simple to use web browser add-on / extension that installs in seconds and reverts Facebook back to the old style design layout with the blue bar at the top:
Screesnot of Facebook old design blue navigation bar

Where can i get the Revert Site Extension?

If you are using Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Slimjet: Get Revert Site @ Google Chrome Webstore
(Unfortunately Opera has a bug in it, that stops Revert Site from working in that specific browser)

If you are using Microsoft Edge: Get Revert Site @ Microsoft Edge WebStore

If you are using Firefox: Get Revert Site @ Firefox Add-Ons Directory

How does "Revert Site" work?

Revert Site makes Facebook think you are using an older browser, so that it will show you the old Facebook design. From now on any Facebook pages you load will open in the old style Facebook design/format! (If you have any already open Facebook pages, just reload them to see the change)

Can I easily switch between the Old Facebook design and the New Facebook design?

Yes, it's really simple, just click the "Revert Site" icon Revert Site button icon in your browser's extensions toolbar (which is right next to the Address / URL bar at the top of the browser) and tick or un-tick the checkbox to toggle which version of the Facebook design you want.
Please note: If the Revert Site button is not showing in the extensions toolbar, it may be hidden behind either the "Jigsaw puzzle piece" button: Chrome extension toolbar jigsaw piece button in Chrome/Edge/Brave/Vivaldi etc or the "Overflow" button: Firefox extension toolbar overflow button in Firefox

Which browsers are the "Revert Site" extension available for?

Revert Site is available for the following browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi (and any other closely compatible Chrome or Firefox based browser, though unfortunately due to a bug in the Opera browser, it won't work in that one.)

Is "Revert Site" safe? Does it steal my data or track my behaviour?

No! "Revert Site" is completely safe and does not steal your data, or transmit it anywhere or track your behaviour, or anything other than its explicitly stated functionality.

Who is the developer of the "Revert Site" extension

It's made by Steve Fernandez, who is also the guy behind the top rated "F.B. Purity" browser extension, which lets you clean up and customize Facebook, which has been around and going strong since early 2009!

Can I Donate to Support this Project?

Yes, please do! This extension is free, but if you would like to support the developer please donate what you can, thanks! (Please note, although payments are processed by Paypal, you don't need a paypal account to donate)

    $ - US Dollars
    £ - UK Pounds
       E - Euros

Are there any side effects from Facebook thinking im using an older browser?

It may not be possible to make or receive video calls with this extension turned on. However there is an easy workaround, and that is to visit and make and receive your Facebook video calls there. Or else you can easily temporarily disable the "Revert Site" extension by clicking the "Revert Site" icon in your browser's extensions toolbar at the top of the browser, next to the address/URL bar, and un-ticking the revert option. You can then re-tick the option after you have finished with your calls, to get you back to the old design again.

How can I uninstall or disable the "Revert Site" extension?

Open your browser's extensions management page, and you can Disable or Remove the "Remove Site" extension there.

Facebook is a registered trademark of the Facebook corporation. This site and browser extension are in no way affiliated with Facebook.

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